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William Soutar

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Recordings and musical works

Audio cassettes

Poems of William Soutar
Selected and read by Alexander Scott.
Glasgow: Scotsoun, 1976
The works of William Soutar in Poem, Riddle and Song
Compiled by friends and admirers, and read and sung by them and Perthshire children.
Glasgow, Scotsoun, 1976
Merry Matanzie
Alex McCrindle reads a selection of 37 poems by William Soutar.
Glasgow: Scotsoun, 1989
Soutar Centenary: William Soutar, 1898-1998
Sixty poems and twelve songs (compiled from earlier cassettes).
Glasgow: Scotsoun, 1998

Audio and video

Flowers of Life (Collection of Soutar Cinquains)
edited by Brian Strand.
YouTube Video 2017

Musical works

Benjamin Britten
Who are these children? Songs for tenor and piano, op. 84.
Set to lyrics, rhymes and riddles by William Soutar.
London: Faber Music, 1972
Ronald Stevenson
Eight selected songs for medium/high voice and piano.
Set to poems by William Soutar.
Edinburgh: Ronald Stevenson Society, 1996

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