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William Soutar

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The Soutar House,
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Perth PH2 0EX
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Dorothy Ewen and John Davidson

The Davidson family were friendly with the Soutars; Dorothy, John and their siblings visited the bedridden Soutar in Wilson Street.

Soutar Memories

Sport and the Army in Perth

Hospitals in Perth

Memories of Perth

Craigie Memories

Janette Soutar

William Soutar’s father John was the brother of Janette's grandfather, so Janette is a second cousin of Soutar.

Janette Remembers

Anne Whyte

Anne is the daughter of Molly Soutar who was a full cousin of William Soutar.

Memories of the Soutar Family

Reactions to the Soutar Story

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer's mother was a cousin of Evelyn Soutar. Evelyn was adopted into the Soutar family after the deaths of her parents in Australia.

Jennifer Remembers Soutar

Gracie Rae

Gracie Rae (Kiddie) went to school in Perth at the same time as Evelyn Soutar in the 1930s.

At School with Evelyn Soutar

Gracie and Scots Language

William Soutar at School

Perth Academy

Little Dunning

Perth Academy Project

Dave Dykes, a retired teacher from Perth Academy, is helping a group of pupils at the school with their project "The Flowers of the Forest". The project aims to honour the 168 former pupils and staff who fell in WW1. The pupils are arranging short memorial services, as close as possible to the hundredth anniversary of the deaths of the fallen, from March 2015 until March 2019. The school is also producing a memorial book, as a permanent reminder of its contribution to the Great War. You can see a record of progress up to April 2016 by downloading this pdf document: Perth Academy Flowers of the Forest

Flora Kirkland

At 93, speaking from a Muthill nursing home, Flora is our oldest interviewee. As Flora Leslie, she was a schoolfriend of Evelyn Soutar and visited Willie at Evelyn’s invitation. Flora’s son Brian also features in the interview.

Flora Met Soutar

Flora Remembers

Christine Davis

Christine’s father was W R Aitken who published collections of Soutar’s work after his death.

Christine and the Soutar Family

Memories of John Soutar

Christine and the Scots Language

Norma Giulianotti

Norma’s family moved from North Italy to Scotland during 1896-1906, and settled in Wilson Street (opposite the Soutar House) when Norma was aged 6. She visited Soutar during his confinement.

The Abbotsford Lounge Bar

Soutar House, Perth

Memories of the Soutar Family

Internment in Perthshire

Dian Elvin

Dian’s father was William Montgomerie, a contemporary of Soutar. William was a scholarly folklorist and bibliographer of the ballads of Scotland, whose own poetic output covered half a century of publication.

Conscientious Objector

Soutar’s Posthumous Poetry

Letters and Cards from Soutar

Visiting William Soutar

Broughty Ferry War-time Memories

Ron Kitchin

Ron’s father was the Reverend John Kitchen, minister of Perth North Church where the Soutars worshipped latterly. Ron is father of Tom, the noted chef.

Soutar’s Bookcases

Dorothy McLaughlin

Dorothy McLaughlin is the niece of E Adamson - William Soutar’s school friend, whose mother was a friend of William Soutar’s mother. Evelyn Scott’s family were also friends with the Soutar family. (See also the Gracie Rae section above for more on Perth Academy.)

Dorothy and Evelyn Remember Soutar

Memories of War-time Perth

Carl MacDougall

Carl was writer-in-residence in the Soutar House for four years from 1996-2000, and co-authored Into a Room with Douglas Gifford.

Soutar Anniversary Exhibition

Community Use of the Soutar House

Into a Room

People Who Met Soutar

George Bruce

Ajay Close

Ajay was writer-in-residence in the Soutar House for four years from 2005-09.

Soutar’s Books

Learning Scots Language

Academic Study of William Soutar

Being Writer-In-Residence

Understanding Soutar

Folk Who Knew Soutar

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