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Caller Fountain

Caller Fountain on Mailer Hill.

Ae Simmer's Day

Up by the caller fountain,
A' through a simmer's day,
I heard the gowk gang cryin
Abüne the ferny brae.
The reemlin licht afore me
Gaed up; the wind stüde still:
Only the gowk's saft whistle
Lowden'd alang the hill.
The wee burn loppert laichly;
A bird cam and was gaen:
I keekit round ahint me
For I was a' my lane.


caller - fresh; gowk - cuckoo; gang - go; abüne - above; brae - hill; reemlin - shimmering;
afore - before; gaed - went; lowden'd - faded; loppert - rippled; laichly - lowly; gaen - gone;
keekit - looked; ahint - behind; lane - alone.

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