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The South Inch

The South Inch, site of Perth Fort.

The Visitation

Cromwell was a sodger:
Cromwell was a saint:
Cromwell cam to Scotland
To mak himsel' acquaint.
He rumml'd up his cannon
Afore St John's Toun:
Wowf! Roar'd the cannon
And the wa's fell doun.
A randy frae the Speygate
Yowl'd: "Haud on, ye füle!"
"Auld wife, auld wife:" craw'd Cromwell:
"I maun dae the Lord's will."


sodger - soldier; rumml'd - rumbled; St John's Toun - Perth; wa's - walls; randy - virago;
yowl'd - howled; haud - hold; craw'd - crowed; maun - must.

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