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Old Bridge Perth

Old Bridge over the Tay, Perth.

The Auld Brig

And wasna yon a sair misfa'
In oor ain borough-toun?
And wasna yon an angry blaw
That brocht the auld brig doun?
They'll bigg anither ane in time
And monie will stap owre;
But the new brig winna be the same
As the brig that stüde afore.
It maks a body think awhile
On the brucklieness o' bane
To see yon mouse-wab hingin hale
Ablow the snaggit stane.


misfa' - misfortune; blaw - blast; bigg - build; monie - many; brucklieness - brittleness;
bane - bone; mouse-wab - cobweb; hale - healthy; ablow - below; snaggit - puny.

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