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Corsie Hill Houses

Corsie Hill Houses.

The Prodigy

Whan Alistair McAllister
Was born at Corsie Hill
The doctor said "Pit on his breeks
And pack him off to sküle."
And lang or his third year was by
He plodded at the plew;
Cairted the muck, and herded kye,
And swack't the barley-brew.
A ladle was his horne-spüne;
A caudron was his plate:
And aye the mair he stappit in
The mair he liked his meat.

Whan but a loon he stüde attour
The riggin o' the house;
Wi' shüthers like a barn-door
And a beard like a whin-buss.
He'd mash a neep in ilka lüfe;
A rackle was but tow;
Ca' doun a stane-dyke wi' ae bowff,
Or ae putt o' his pow.
Wha'd seen him brak a birky tree
Maist like a willy-wand
Had little thocht that he wud be
Brocht to sae puir an end.

Eftir a bowl o' pottit-hoch,
Sweel'd doun wi' Athol-brose,
He taen the hiccups unco roch
And cudna mak them lowse.
For saxty nichts and saxty days
He bokit loud and sair:
And was a bing o' banes and claes
Whan liftit for the lair.
The guidly folk o' Corsie Hill
Were richt proud o' the loon:
And thocht the Lord had düne them ill
To tak him or fu' grown.


breeks - trousers; sküle - school; plew - plough; kye - cattle;
swack't - drunk barley-brew - whisky; stappit - stuffed; loon - lad;
attour - above; riggin - roof; shüthers - shoulders; whin-buss - gorse bush;
neep - turnip; ilka - each; lüfe - palm; rackle - chain;
tow - rope; ca' - knock; bowff - blow; putt - push;
pow - head; birky - birch; willy-wand - willow twig; pottit-hoch - potted head;
sweel'd - swilled; Athol-brose - whisky liqueur; unco - very; roch - rough;
lowse - stop; saxty - sixty; bokit - vomited; bing - pile;
banes - bones; claes - clothes; lair - grave; or - before.

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