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River Tay

The River Tay flowing through central Perth.

The River

When the mirk is owre the gavels,
And the clatterin brigs are still,
A sang comes up frae the water
Swurlin by wi' a sweel.
It is mair auld nor gledness,
Mair auld nor sorrow and care;
And wha listens to yon music
His thocht grows cauld and clear:
And he feels the world's glory
Gang flitterin owre his bluid
Like the skimmer o' the lamplicht
On the dark and singin tide.


mirk - dark; owre - over; gavels - gables; clatterin - noisy; brigs - bridges;
swurlin - swirling; sweel - whirl; mair - more; auld - old; nor - than;
thocht - thought; gang - go; flitterin - fluttering; skimmer - shimmer.

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