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Greyfriars Headstone

Decorated headstone in Greyfriars churchyard.

Epitaph for a Dead Self

Lie doun, lie doun, and wauk nae mair
My first, my fondest bairn:
Your life has brocht me monie a care
But noo I'm yont a' carin.
Bitter it was to lat ye gang
Wha were sae young and dear;
But I had wrocht us baith a wrang
To hain ye back in fear.

Your halflin strength had been foredüne
Wi' fraucht for manhood's frame:
But sturdier sons, ye winna ken,
Will warsle in your name.
Nae loss can mak us mair forfairn
Nor the love we brank to bide:
Lie doun, lie doun, my earliest bairn;
It's weel that you are dead.


doun - down; wauk - wake; mair - more; brocht - brought; monie - many;
yont - past; gang - go; wrocht - done; baith - both; wrang - wrong;
hain - hold; halflin - youthful; foredüne - exhausted; fraucht - weight; ken - know;
warsle - wrestle; forfairn - forlorn; nor - than; brank - bottle up; bide - live.

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