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Kinnoull Hill

Looking to the Carse of Gowrie from Kinnoull Hill.

The Stany Face

Gin ye haik on to Orchard Neuk
Ayont the Friarton Hole,
Lift up your e'en and hae a look
At the roch craig o' Kinnoull.
The water be your fit gangs by;
And yonder in the licht
Wi' shüthers that haud up the sky
Sae steady stands the hicht.
And you will see a face o' stane
That owre the carse-land star'd
Lang afore faces like your ain
Frae their far countries far'd.

Lift up your e'en to yon cauld face
And lat your hert grow still:
Auld is the world, but young the days
O' kindness and guid-will.


haik - hike; ayont - beyond; e'en - eyes; roch - rock; fit - foot; shüthers - shoulders; hicht - height;
carse - flat; ain - own; far'd - fared; e'en - eyes;

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